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Author-Educator, Lawyer, International Freelance Journalist, Poet. International Podcast Show Host for Chasing Hope

Two days ago, a dear friend shared a Whatsapp text which held a message by Hollywood actor, Anthony Hopkins and described it as a “good philosophy.”

My reservations started with the word “philosophy” and was further emboldened when I continued to read the contents of the message. On a very superficial level, all of this sounds like the wisdom of the sages but on a closer look, one realises that this is not how one would like to live a life.

Keeping all of Hopkins’ thoughts in mind, I have countered each part here in italics:

Powerful words by Anthony…

Twitter woke up to a flurry of messages on a certain hospital in Delhi demanding that their Keralite nurses to speak in English and/or Hindi. This has earned the hospital the ire of the South Indians in particular.

The problem with Indian and Indians today is the volatile atmosphere created around every issue. The amplified version of one side, however, creates the kind of chaos this country can currently do without. So this article is for those who are still ready to give a fair hearing to all parties.

Now as a South Indian, I surely would have taken offense…

As I write this article today, the Christians celebrate Palm Sunday, the Muslims observe the night of Forgiveness or Shab-e-baraat, the Jews begin the Feast of the Passover and the Hindus are celebrating the victory of good over evil as they ignite the Holika Dahaan.

With Palm Sunday being observed today by millions of Christians across the world in commemoration of the commencement of the Holy Easter Week, what is meant to be a day of quiet reflection and prayer, is for India and Indian Christians in particular, the cause for uncalled strife, as with the election frenzy catching up…

Disclaimer: Any and all views purported in this article belong to the Author in her individual capacity. All Characters are purely Non-Fictional and all incidents cited, available for verification in public domain. The author’s views stand in sync with the democratic principle of the Freedom of Speech as laid down:

Article 19(1) in The Constitution Of India 1949

(1) All citizens shall have the right

(a) to freedom of speech and expression;

And in stark contrast to the following:

Section 124A. Sedition — Whoever, by words, either spoken or written, or by signs, or by visible representation, or otherwise, brings…

The Greek Philosopher, Epictetus, one I revere for his high morals and ethical philosophy wrote, “True education, consists in recognizing that there is only one thing that belongs to an individual fully — his will, or purpose.” And it is this will and purpose that embodies the ethical framework of our very existence.

As India rejoices on it’s 72nd Republic Day in what is a sobering time in world history, the sudden emergence of the tricolor at every bend and on every building today must also reveal the farcical patriotism and nationalism that this nation has been subjected to in…

The Heroes 2: The Bible Trivia Game is a game that enters the Indian gaming zone after many painstaking efforts by an international team in 2 years. The game itself makes a comeback after 8 years of research. Called the Ultimate Bible Trivia Game, the developers are extremely excited to share that this game returns with a new and improved style and new features. This game will be published by Hope Channel which will release in early 2021.

The game itself will be freely available on iOS and Android phones. The Heroes 2: The Bible Trivia Game can be accessed…

My late mother was very particular about her gifts, the ones she gave and the ones she received from me. As a result, with a mother who was far from easy to please, I started devising new ways to ensure I had the right gift for the right occasion.

Christmas is traditionally the Season of Gifting. As one who has spent a lot of time only selecting the best, I realize that over time a lot of people have rendered the tradition meaningless by an over-emphasis on money over emotions. The whole process has lost its essence and charm, limiting…

The Death of Indian Dignity

India is a country of Durga and Kali, of Indira and Kasturba, and then we are a country of Nirbhaya and Hathras. For that is who we have metamorphosed into; a country struggling to protect a woman's dignity.

The Indian society has been rated as one of the foremost conservative societies in the recent past. The growing intolerance especially when it comes to gender is almost in many ways ‘in our face.’ Yet people go about their day as nothing ever happened. It’s just another day, right?

And this is the heart of the problem…

India’s National Education Policy or the NEP introduced after three decades of redundancy has been welcomed by almost all quarters of society for the sheer novelty of it, to add to the fact that the country’s long neglected Education System has finally found a mention in our public discourse.

While the work-ability of this over — ambitious system is yet to be seen much like the rest of the current dispensation’s lofty thoughts, one must realize at the outset that the strength of any theory rests on it’s practicality and feasibility apart from meaningful attitudinal changes.

The Revised Structure with…

A couple of years ago I coined “Tharoorian” which still continues to be cherished as a badge of honour for many. However, I can honestly say that when I created the term it was more to signify a school of thought rather than some fan club; at least I can maintain, my end of the faction still works on furthering those values.

What too many do not know is that back then it was not the only term I’d created, I’d also made an acronym: SHASHI: Society Has A Socrates He’s Indian.

The acronym interestingly is something I wrote as…

Katherine Abraham

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